23: Reflect on Things

Congratulations! You’ve reached the 23rd Thing. Be sure to give yourself a pat on the back for getting to this point.

For your final exercise, please reflect on your learning journey and post a few thoughts. Here are some questions to prompt you:
  • How has your concept of Web 2.0 change during your journey? You might want to refer back to your first couple of posts.
  • What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?
  • Were there any unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?
  • What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?
  • If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you again chose to participate?
In closing, thank you for participating in this project. We hope you continue to learn about and experiment with Web 2.0 tools and incorporate them into your professional and personal life.

Bonus Material
You might consider making a badge for yourself that shows off all of your Web 2.0 applications. Here is a handy tool to help you accomplish this.

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