Tips for Success

  • Work at your own pace, but try to finish 2 – 3 things per week.
  • Blog about your discoveries as soon as you complete one of the 23 Things.  If you are tracking your professional development hours, record the time spent in OneNote as well. 
  • Record all your logons, usernames, and passwords as you create them, and keep them in a single place such as OneNote.
  • You may want to open the 23 Things blog in one window and the tool you are working with in another window (or tab) so that you can switch back and forth between them.
  • We have checked all of the “Things” to make sure they are working in Internet Explorer. If you have a problem with a Web 2.0 tool, make sure you are using Internet Explorer. 
  • Be sure to use sites correctly — some will not like the back button and clicking it may mean lost data.
  • Check your browser settings — some sites might require you to allow pop-up windows and such.  Make setting changes as necessary.
  • Most sites like Blogger, Flickr, and YouTube will have a Help or FAQ section. Use these to help solve any problems you encounter.
  • Ask a colleague for help and offer your expertise to others.
  • Type a description of your problem ("can’t change font size in blogger," for example) into a search engine. Odds are good that someone else had the problem and you might find the answer in a forum or group discussion.
  • When all else fails, move on to something else and try again later.  Email or talk to a Technology Coach when you get a chance. 
  • Many Web 2.0 tools are in frequently updated. If something looks different, disappeared, or has a new name, the functionality is probably still there. You just have to explore the site some more.

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