14: VoiceThread

According to its web site, “VoiceThread is a powerful new way to talk about and share your images, documents, and videos.” There is a section for K-12 education. The K-12 solution offers a secure network for students and teachers to collaborate and share with classrooms around the world. Furthermore, educators can create a basic account for FREE.

Play this VoiceThread to learn more about the tool. (Go to the site to view it in a larger format.)

Curious about what a VoiceThread presentation can look like when created by kids? Then check out this presentation about Denmark being developed by a group of students that has been viewed over 10,000 times and that includes nearly 200 comments.

Here is a library of ideas on using VoiceThread in the field of education.

Discovery Exercise:
  1. Explore VoiceThread.

  2. Create a free account. (You must have an account to use any of the commenting tools. This is important to know if you are thinking about using this with students.) Consider making a comment on a VoiceThread. This is a popular VoiceThread of over 1700 comments.  Add your helllo.  Here is a VoiceThread of a colleague

  3. Tell us how you might use this tool in your personal or professional life in a blog post.

Optional Activity -
Create your own VoiceThread and share it in your blog.

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