1: What's this all about?

Defining Our "23 Things" Program and Web 2.0

If you haven't already done so, please take some time to become familiar with our 23 Things program.  Review the list of Things, read over the frequently asked questions, and note the tips for success.  Key to the program is that you will document your learning through the use of a blog.  We will delay blogging about this Thing until you have established your blog in the next exercise (Thing 2).

Defining Web 2.0

It's not easy to define Web 2.0.  The best explanation I have found is part of a YouTube video.  So watch this video to learn about Web 2.0 in less than five minutes. 

Here is another, even shorter, explanation.

Discovery Exercise

Think about what interests you about Web 2.0 based on the YouTube videos above and the list of 23 ThingsYou don't need to record anything for this exercise yet.  You will comment about this Thing as part of Thing 2.  Use the link below to move on to Thing 2.

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